Family Missions

I thought I'd write a sweeping defense of the family unit as the missionary sending arm of the church. But then I thought about it, and about your patience in reading these updates, and opted for something different. 

  • A playgroup
  • A boyfriend
  • Acquaintances made over a t-ball field
  • Siblings
  • Kids riding bikes together in the street

These everyday activities and associations mark families. They aren't unique or special. They don't take a ton planning. They don't always happen with massive eternal significance. But these are 5 real environments, created by families, in which folks at Christ Covenant have heard the gospel and placed their faith in Jesus for their salvation. Christ Covenant families saw their neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes as mission fields to reach others for Christ. And God honored that pursuit by bringing new believers into our church family. 

Be encourage and never doubt the power of God to use the family. It is a unique place where the gospel dwells, and so is also a unique missionary contact to our culture. Darkness trembles whenever a Christian family is near because darkness knows how dangerous a Christian family can be in the hands of our God. 


  • Pray for the hurting - Please pray for those sick and recovering from illness and surgery in our congregation.
  • Incorporation Q&A Lunch - The elders are hosting a Q&A lunch about our proposed constitution and bylaws on November 8th after the church service. Information on how to RSVP will be forthcoming. 
  • Marriage Matters with Gary Chapman - Some of our sister churches in Culpeper are helping host a marriage seminar at Providence Bible Church on November 7th. If you're interested in attending you can checkout their website for more details.