Families and an Environment of Love

Fights and family, they go together. That is partially due to expectations and reality. We all have a biblically grounded expectation that the people you should love the most are the people in your immediate family. But there is also the reality that your family members are almost as sinful as you are. So here we have a family, a group of sinners stuck together. That is not necessarily the most encouraging picture. 

But a Christian family has this secret that not only makes family livable but thrive-able. It is the gospel of grace. As you've been forgiven so you are empowered to forgive others. As the inertia toward another sinner in your family increases so you have the ability to show and receive grace on a greater scale than if you were alone. Families then become small microcosms of grace. 

These grace communities produce two great potentialities. First, they can invite people in. Folks from outside the family can be invited in to see the reality of sin and forgiveness in a group of people bound to one another by dual blood—their own and Jesus's. In this way families give and illustrate grace to those to whom they show hospitality. But secondly, they also send their members out to serve as missionaries in the world. I long for it to be said of Christ Covenant families that they are our primary mechanism for training missionaries equipped to reach the world for Christ. 


  • This Sunday - This Sunday we welcome Mike Sharrett to the pulpit. Mike is the former pastor of Redeemer PCA in Lynchburg, VA and an accomplished communicator of the gospel. Mike is the first person I talked to 7 years ago when I first started to look into planting a church in this area. I can't wait for you to meet him. 
  • Incorporation - If you haven't received a copy of our proposed constitution and bylaws you can pick one up this Sunday.
  • Setup Team - We have an immediate need for people to serve on our setup team. If you can serve on this team talk to John Orr on Sunday.