Let it Snow

I grew up in Virginia Beach, where large storms are always predicted and never come, making me perennially dubious of predictions and prognostications of storm estimates. I did however note this morning a convoy of large, crane equipped electric company trucks making their way into Culpeper. So maybe, just maybe, we'll get a few feet (read: inches) of snow this weekend. With that possibility in mind I'd like to remind you of our inclement weather policy at Christcov.

  1. If at all possible we try to hold Sunday worship. In order to do so I need to be sure that I can make it to and from CCS safely. If I can't make it safely, we'll cancel the service.
  2. CCS does try to remove snow from the parking lot on the weekend and has intentions to do so this Saturday, if possible. Obviously, if the parking lot is not plowed then we have to cancel the service.
  3. If you don't hear from us (see #4) then the service will still be held. However, and this is very important, please make a wise decision for yourself on whether you can make it safely to CCS and home again. Please don't come if you think it might be unsafe to travel from where you live. Check out the VDOT website for up to date road conditions.
  4. Lastly, if we do cancel the service we will let you know on Facebook, Twitter, our website/blog, email, and smoke signal.

Remember too that snow days are some of the best days to meet and serve your neighbors. There are few times in the life of our communities where everyone is home and at least a few folks have minor tangible needs. So pay attention as missionaries sent out from Christcov to serve your community. Oh, and stay warm.