Elect Election Thoughts

I've tried all week to pull together some thoughts on the election. I don't know if it's the wisdom that comes from age or writer's block but the post just hasn't come together. After all, Presbyterians are used to talking about election just not an election.

We'll see if the post comes together by next week. 

I have had four recurring thoughts that I'll share by way of encouragement. 

  1. I encourage you to pray for all our current and elected officials (1 Timothy 2:1-6). I've confessed before that there is something spiritually lethargic within me that would rather read a book on prayer than getting about the hard work of praying. Christians run into the same problem when it comes to politics. Seek to lead a peaceful and quiet life marked by consistent prayer for all who hold political power, "for this is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior." 
  2. I encourage you to pray for an end to abortion. Every time there is a change in political power I ask myself, "Will this be the change that overturns Roe vs. Wade?" Pray that it might occur in the next four years. 
  3. I encourage you to stay excited about being a small church in a small town that is passionate about church planting in small towns. This election has unseated some traditional thinking that urban centers are the source of societal change. It's never been more exciting to invest in small town church planting. 
  4. Spend time with members of your church. Do you have Facebook fatigue yet? When was the last time you invited one of your fellow church members over for dinner or out for coffee? Your personal investment in others has never been more important as it is now, in this moment of major societal anxiety. 

I should probably add a fifth encouragement, but you already know this: rejoice in the grace of Jesus Christ. Isn't he a great savior! 

I'm looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday for corporate worship. Some things really do never change.