The French Drop

I’ve perfected the French Drop, one of the more basic slight-of-hand style magic tricks. When done correctly, I can make small objects—keys and coins—disappear from plain sight only to reappear behind a child’s ear or some other unexpected place. When I perform that trick, I’m the life of the party… for about ninety seconds, at which point my spectators join in with a chorus of “let me try,” and “show me how you did that.” 

But now, a virgin birth, that is something altogether different. God is no magician, drawing attention with one hand while resetting the table with the other, cards up his sleeve and a rabbit in his hat. No, he is the Almighty, the All-Powerful. He doesn’t deal in the illusion of the unbelievable, he dwells in stone-cold reality and speaks the unbelievable into existence. Up until Mary, the Lord had brought about miraculous births, causing the barren to conceive, bringing forth life where it seemed impossible. But with Mary, God caused life to spring up from virginity, escalating his pattern of calling life out of the abyss of the unthinkable.

But a virgin giving birth is minor in comparison to the one to whom she gave birth. God became man, true body and reasonable soul, commissioned under the unwavering promise, “he will save his people from their sins.” Triune glory splashed onto the canvas of human history. Through is own life-death-life God would complete his cyclical, heightening march of life from the impossible—eternal life finally standing on the throat of death. 

And that is why the deepest response to Christmas is a hushed awe, a holy worship, no one clamoring “let me try” or “show me how you did that.” So let the carol welcome you to worship this Sunday, a faint but persistent manger echo: come, let us adore him.


  1. Christmas Worship - Come worship with us on Christmas morning at 10:30 am. 
  2. Orange Community Group - Our Orange Community Group is off and running. But there is still space to join if you live in or near Orange. 
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