How do you Access the Bible?

Now and then I like to give a few recommendations on how you can get your hands on a Bible. There have never been more opportunities to access to the word of God. At the same time, surveys show that biblical illiteracy is on the rise.

For some folks, they just don't know the best ways to engage with the Bible. Following is a brief breakdown of a few of the best options.

Hardcopy Options

We love the ESV version at Christ Covenant. Here are some hardcopy editions that are worth checking out.

  • Crossway - Crossway produces an ESV Bible in whatever format you like in whatever price range you have.
  • Reformation Study Bible - With the most recent update, the Reformation Study Bible has become my study bible of choice and one I recommend to anyone who is looking to invest in a study Bible.
  • A Reader's Bible - When the original authors penned the books of the Bible, the verses and chapter numbers weren't included. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read the Bible like that? Then you might be interested in a reader's Bible.

Digital Options

With the development of the cloud, apps, and portable technology the ability to access the Bible has never been easier.

  • ESV App - Crossway produces the ESV app so that you can access the ESV version on your phone, computer, or tablet. (online / iOS / android)
  • The Bible App (Youversion) - This is probably the most popular Bible app, comes with plenty of reading plans, and has the ESV as a free option. (online / iOS / android)
  • Logos - Logos software puts powerful computing resources behind Bible searches and provides thousands of other book resources that come in handy for Bible study. It is the software I use for sermon preparation and personal devotions. There is a free base option on which you can build as many resources as your budget allows. (online / iOS / android)

You may struggle to be a student of the Bible. That is something to address. But don't let not knowing how to access a copy of God's word be the reason you don't pick up the Bible and read.