The Last Week - Wednesday

For most folks, Wednesday is the day that things turn brighter, smiles sprout as the weekend approaches, even the most laborious task seem tolerable as Friday approaches, but for Jesus’s last week, Wednesday was when the darkness began to fall. By the end of Wednesday Judas will make a deal to facilitate the quiet capture of Jesus.1 For betraying the Messiah, he’ll pocket 30 pieces of silver, a mere four months wages for a day laborer.

Don’t miss that the plot against Jesus begins with the betrayal of an intimate friend. There are many ways for a man to die. There are even many ways for a man to be killed. But God’s plan for Jesus’s atoning death included betrayal at its heart.2 You see, betrayal is the core of sin. Adam and Eve existed in a perfect, intimate relationship with God in the garden. No want or need drove them to break the commandment of God in the eating of the forbidden fruit. Satan enticed them to pride, a pride that erupted in a betrayal of God, open rebellion against their Creator, Lord, and Provider.3 So it is fitting, in a macabre way, that betrayal is the door through which Jesus pass on his way to the cross.

But there is here, on Wednesday, a glimmer of hope for us. Jesus endured betrayal to redeem betrayers. Jesus does not save those who are positively disposed toward him.4 He redeems his enemies, offers himself for them in his cross and empty tomb. We all, as Christians, at one point, stood as enemies of God, rebels against our Creator, betraying the one, true God.5 So when God provides pardon through Christ, when he forgives our betrayal, it isn’t some far off concept that he can’t get near. Our God was betrayed and died for betrayers. There are mercy and forgiveness for us at the cross.

In the falling darkness of Wednesday, in the disciple’s betrayal, a glimmer of redemption begins to shine.

For Thought

  1. How does knowing you were an enemy of God before your salvation deepen your love for him and what he did to save you?
  2. How does Jesus’s forgiveness of your betrayal against him free you to forgive those who betray or hurt you?
  3. Will we see you on Sunday at 10:30 at Culpeper Christian School as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?

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