Rumors in the Church

They are unsubstantiated, passed by third parties, and bear directly on the reputation of our congregation. I’ve heard them, some of them from multiple sources, and now it’s time to address them publicly. I can’t hold off any longer. Three rumors are going around about Christ Covenant. If you can substantiate any of them, please be sure to reach out to an elder so that they can take appropriate action.

First, it is rumored that people at Christ Covenant are growing in grace. They’re learning more about Jesus from the Bible, and it’s changing how they live their ordinary lives. It’s not so much that these members have noticed a decrease in their sin, though some have, it is more that people are learning what to do about it—run to Jesus with confession in full expectation of his pardoning grace. Christ Covenant in changing—slower to get angry, quicker to forgive, louder in singing, and more active in service. I had been suspicious that this kind of behavior was going on in our congregation.

Second, it is rumored that people are loving each other. There have been needs in the church, real, tangible needs. And these needs have been met quietly as Christians have served one another. Loneliness is finding less and less of a foothold as people in our congregation have invited one another into their homes and lives. Some are even showing up earlier to the worship service to meet new folks. Be careful, this kind of thing has a lasting impact.

Third, it is rumored that you are growing in generosity. Jesus warned us that his gospel would radically affect how our congregation looked at our possessions. And now we’re finding how true his words are. Some of you, in the past few months, have given to Christ Covenant for the first time. Others of you are moving toward regular tithing. Still others of you have been able to contribute more than the tithe because of your passion for what God is up to in this local church. Please understand how weird the world will think you are when they hear about this. And be forwarded, generosity is rarely a condition that lessens in a Christian.

It is my hope in the coming weeks that these rumors will be substantiated and the proper action taken. Please understand, if these things are true, there could be long-lasting consequences for us, our families, and our community.