5 Benefits Christians Bring to the Groups they Serve

One of my big desires for our congregation is that we would be involved in our communities for the good of our communities. We intentionally don’t schedule events for every night of the week because we want our members to be involved with organizations like youth soccer, HOAs, and knitting clubs.

You may not know it, but you, as a Christian, bring gifts to any community of which you’re a part. Consider these five:

  1. The Benefit of Wisdom - By walking in the ways of Christ and seeking to live out the ethics of the gospel you are learning how live life the way that God intended it to be lived. You’re learning to handle money wisely and how to deal with conflict in a healthy way.
  2. The Benefit of the Gospel - Foremost in the list is that you know the gospel of Jesus Christ, the belief in which is the only way to have a saving relationship with God. Every time a Christian is present there is a chance that the gospel will be shared and someone may be saved.
  3. The Benefit of Presence - Christians care about their communities and know they are called for the good for their communities. Their presence in a community or group isn’t for selfish gain or fickle attendance. The Christian approaches the communities of which they are a part with the same servant love that Jesus shows his people in his church.
  4. The Benefit of Prayer - Christians are a praying people. Not only that, they are a praying people who pray to God as heavenly Father. One of the best ways to serve the groups of which you are a part is to pray for the group and the individuals in it.
  5. The Benefit of a Spiritual Gift - Every Christian, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, has a spiritual gift primarily to be shared with the church but secondarily to be used more broadly. Spiritual gifts of wisdom, teaching, hospitality, and administration can bring huge benefits to the groups of which Christians are a part.

So don’t shy away from serving in our community. God called us as the long term missionaries to reach this place at this time.