Our July Series

We are taking a break from our series in the psalms during the month of July to revisit the vision of Christ Covenant. This coming August will mark the 7 year anniversary of my family's arrival in Culpeper. What a story God has written here through Christ Covenant. My hope is that this sermon series will remind us of God's grace to us, his preserving power over our church, and how we've come to understand the particular ways God has called us to be a local church.  

The five part sermon series will cover the following themes: 

  1. Expectations and God's mission in the world.
  2. How we grow in grace, led by elders and deacons, as missionaries to Culpeper.
  3. How regular Christians love one another as missionaries to Culpeper.
  4. Mission 1 - How do we make disciples at Christ Covenant? 
  5. Mission 2 - How do we plant churches at Christ Covenant? 

Continue to give God thanks for what he's done through our local church and pray that God would equip us and encourage us to make disciples of those who are not yet Christians.