What if God Answered All your Prayers

Christians have a nagging fear that God won’t answer their prayers. If they knew better, then they might also fear that God would answer their prayers, all of them. I don’t mean that Christians should fear to have all their requests of God answered. After all, who fear that? I do mean, however, that if God answered all of our prayers, it would reveal what we cared about at our core, and that might not be such a pretty picture. Consider, for example, your prayers over the past week, all seven days of prayers. What if God decided to answer all of them, word for word as you prayed them. How big of a kingdom impact would it make? How many people would be converted? How many churches would be planted? Would revival be sweeping our community, state, country, or world?

If your answer is that none of these things would have happened then you have a chance to repent. God is gracious toward apathetic, self-absorbed praying people. Prayer is always an invitation to come boldly before God’s throne of grace, not because we’re skilled at prayer, but because we’re forgiven sinners, adopted children of our heavenly Father. It is only through applying repentance and grace to our prayers that we will grow as a praying people. But this is also a bold invitation from God to pray big prayers. After all, the most missional, counter-cultural thing you can pray is for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.


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