The Prayer Meeting you Didn't Know About

Did you know that there is a prayer meeting open to the whole congregation onSunday morning at 10:00 am? We meet in the "wiggle and giggle" room, the center room in the gym, to pray for the needs of the congregation, the upcoming worship service, and for revival. Everyone is welcome to attend. You don't have to pray out loud if you don't want to which also makes it a great setting to learn how to pray if you're a new or young Christian. We conclude at or before 10:20 so you still have a chance to connect with friends and visitors before the service begins.

I believe our congregation will thrive or fail based on our prayerfulness and generosity, both of which being founded in God's mercy and tangible expressions of our love for God and others.

Why not come try out the prayer meeting this Sunday.


  • Generosity - Speaking of generosity, did you know you can give online to Christ Covenant? If you've been thinking of being a regular supporter of Christ Covenant, now would be a great time to begin or increase your giving.
  • New Members Class - We hope to start another new members class this fall. We already have a few folks signed up. Talk to me if you want to attend our four-week class which introduces you to our congregation. 
  • Nursery Training - There will be nursery volunteer training on Aug 7 and 14 after the service. Current volunteers must attend one of the two sessions. Talk to Julia Harris and Kelly Simpson for more information.
  • Community Groups - We have three community groups currently meeting, with plans in the works to start two more. If you want to be a part of a community group, let me know.
  • Service Teams - All of our service teams—Nursery, Children's Worship, Setup, Music, and Audio-Visual—are accepting members. Talk to the team's leader or me if you'd like to be involved.