No, the post isn't lost in cyberspace. I just didn't have time to write last week. But there was a good reason. I spent the week preparing for and attending presbytery this past Friday and Saturday in Roanoke, Va along with John. If you're new to Presbyterianism, a presbytery is the gathering of elders from a particular geographic area who commit to love and labor alongside one another to plant and grow healthy churches. Presbytery is the regional expression of our denomination—the Presbyterian Church in America. Teaching elders, like me, are members of presbytery and represent presbytery to particular local churches. Ruling elders, like John, are members of particular congregations and represent them to presbytery. 

If all of that presby-speak makes your head spin, just know that this is the way that we attempt to apply the truth of the Bible, especially in the book of Acts, to the organization and governance of local churches with the goal of accomplishing Jesus's mission for the church. 

An excellent way to find out more about our church and how we relate to other churches is to attend one of our New Members Classes. Let me know if you're interested. We'll be starting a new class soon. 

Also, mark your calendars now for our next potluck on February 12th, after the service. Everyone bring a main dish (A-M last names bring a dessert too, while N-Z last names should also bring a side dish). 

See you all this Sunday.