Know your Bible

Nature can teach us about God. You might climb Old Rag and be awed by the power of a God that created such a mountain. You might gaze at a hawk circling in the sky and wonder at a God who thought up such a thing as a bird of prey. You may hold your infant child and be brought to tears that God creates life. But all of these things, with all their beauty and wonder, cannot clearly reveal God and how we, as fallen human beings, might know him and find mercy from him. 

We must have the Bible for that. God has chosen to reveal himself cleary and unto salvation only in the Bible. It isn't because he couldn't have done it another way it is because he chose to do it that way. And God has ensured throughout the centuries that the Bible was preserved accurately and inerrantly—from scrolls, to bound pages, to iOS apps. God has called faithful elders to preach and teach the Word of God accurately. God has brought creeds and confessions alongside of Scripture to help summarize what it teaches. And God has placed his Holy Spirit in you, Christian, so that you might read the Bible for yourself and so know him and how you can be saved through faith in Jesus Christ, the one whom the whole Bible is about. 

You cannot love God and not love the Bible. You cannot love God and not want to know more about him from the Bible. Aspire to many things, but aspire most to a life of constant growth in seeking the Lord in his Word.