The Bible teaches that we should seek the good of our town, because when it prospers, so will the church. It also teaches that we are to love and serve others in the way that Jesus loved and served. But we can't love, serve, and support Culpeper if we don't know it, so at Christ Covenant we try to know our town and country well so that we may be a blessing to them. Here is some information about Culpeper that you may find interesting and useful. Be sure to scroll down for some restaurant suggestions and a list of Culpeper's attractions. 

About Culpeper, VA


Many people choose to live in Culpeper for its exceptional quality of life combined with the friendly atmosphere of a small town set in a beautiful natural environment. As of 2010, the latest US Census completed, 46,689 people lived in Culpeper County. Of that figure, approximately 15,000 live within the limits of the Town of Culpeper. 


Culpeper has undergone some dramatic population and demographic changes in the past few years, as many people have moved here in order to commute to Washington, DC and the economy has become less agriculturally driven than it previously was. Here are some interesting quick facts:

  • Population percent change, 2000 to 2010:  36.3%  (vs. Virginia’s 13% change)

  • Language other than English spoken at home, pct age 5+, 2005-2009:  8.8%

  • High school graduates, percent of persons age 25+, 2005-2009:  82%

  • Persons below poverty level, percent, 2009:  9.6%

  • Mean travel time to work (minutes), workers age 16+, 2005-2009:  37.4 min.

  • Persons per square mile, 2010:  122.5


Culpeper is nestled in the eastern base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and lies entirely within the Rappahannock River basin.  It is midway between the Washington DC skyline and Skyline Drive, Mount Vernon and Monticello, Bull Run and Appomattox, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay, making it “an ideal mustering point for great Virginia adventures.”  Culpeper is bounded on the east and northeast by the Rappahannock River, and on the south by the Rapidan River. The countryside varies from hilly and steep to rolling and flat.


Culpeper is an important crossroad for business. The early economy was founded on an agricultural base. More recently, vineyards and wineries have contributed significantly to the area's economy. Today's Downtown offers a variety of specialty shops, crafts and gifts stores, and antique shops, galleries and fine dining restaurants, all set against a historic backdrop.


Culpeper was officially established in 1749.  The town played a significant role in both the Revolutionary and Civil wars.  Fun Fact:  Culpeper was the first town south of the Mason-Dixon line to have fluorescent lights—a historic event that was commemorated by a huge town celebration in 1953!

Local and Nearby Attractions

The Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation

See a movie at this state-of-the-art facility where the Library of Congress acquires, preserves and provides access to the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of films, television programs, radio broadcasts, and sound recording! website

Civil War Battle Sites

Check out Brandy Station, Cedar Mountain, or Kelly’s Ford to see where the action happened.

Scenic Byways

Take a Sunday drive down one of Culpeper’s scenic roads to get a glimpse of some of the prettiest country around, or head a little farther out of town to enjoy the beautiful Skyline Drive of the Shenandoah National Park.  (Scenic roads in Culpeper are Rt. 3 East, Rt. 15, Rt. 229 & 802, Rt. 522 North or South, and Rt. 729.)


Culpeper County is home to many prestigious wineries.  For information on tastings and/or tours, visit this site:

Farmer's Market in Downtown Culpeper

The Farmer's Market is open Saturday mornings from April through October and is located by the Train Depot at the end of Davis Street. website


Visit the historic home of James Madison in Orange County, about a 30-minute drive from Culpeper. website

For more information on these and many other fun things to do in Culpeper, visit

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