What is the gospel?

The word "gospel" literally means “good news.”  

It is the good news of what God has done through his Son, Jesus Christ. Isolation from God and broken lives are not God's original design for his creation.  God intended men, women, boys, and girls to live in perfect relationship with him and one another.  The gospel is God's promise to set things right through the incarnation, atonement, and resurrection of Jesus.  Jesus came into the world and became man while not ceasing to be God.  This amazing humility showed how low Jesus was willing to go to redeem his people from their sins.  Jesus lived a perfect life and then died a sinner's death on the cross.  His death on the cross was in the place of all his chosen people who have ever lived or will ever live.  Jesus took the wrath of God for sin upon himself and fully paid the debt that every Christian owes to God for sin.  This amazing suffering showed how much Jesus was willing to do to redeem his people.  But Jesus did not remain dead; on the third day he rose again from the grave and ascended to sit in heaven, ruling there as the king of all creation.  Jesus is ordering all of history to the praise of his glorious name.  

This is good news!  This is the best news that human ears could ever hear!

What do you believe?

Simply put, we are Jesus-exalting, Bible-believing, God's-sovereignty-extolling Christians. 

Beyond that, we hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith along with the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms.  Copies of these are available online (Confession of Faith;  Larger and Shorter Catechisms) or for purchase (Confession of FaithLarger and Shorter Catechisms.)

Full assent to these documents is not required for church membership.  But at the same time, we believe that these documents most fully explain what the Bible teaches.

How can I become a member?

Interested in becoming a member of Christ Covenant?  

Our new member form is available online. Click here to learn more.

You can also check out our membership resources here on our website, or email Derek McFarland at derek@christcov.com for more information.

Are donations to Christ Covenant tax-deductible?

Yes.  Christ Covenant is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  Donations are tax-deductible.