Welcome to the membership process of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church. Becoming a member of Christ Covenant is a significant step. We believe that it should be a process that encourages you to grow as a Christian, provides you with information about our church, and in the end allows you to biblically commit yourself to our faith family.

We need a separate application for each member of your family who wants to join as a communing member (someone who participates in the Lord's Supper). 

This application is a bit lengthy and must be done in one sitting. Please make sure you have enough time before you begin. Also please don't forget to hit SUBMIT at the bottom so that we can receive your submission.

If you have any questions about this process or about who needs to fill out an application, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Joe.


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Tell Us About You and Your Story
In this section you'll be providing the elders of Christ Covenant information about you and your family. Please be as detailed and candid as you'd like to be in answering these questions. Your answers will help the elders get to know you before your membership interview.
Pastoral Care Questions
The next section is completely optional. This is your chance to tell us about any particular needs you or your family might have that could help our elders minister to you better.
Membership Interview
The membership interview is a time for the elders of our church to get to know you better. At this point in the process you have been acquainted with Christ Covenant and our elders have become better acquainted with you. When we sit down together we want to cover four things. First, we want to know if you have any questions about the church. Second, we want to hear you give a brief definition of the gospel and how you came to understand it. Third, we want to follow up with anything of note in your membership application. Fourth, if you and we think you should proceed, we'll ask you the questions of membership. The term "interview" sounds intimidating but this meeting really should not be. We want it to be the beginning of our pastoral care of you and your family. It is not uncommon for this meeting to turn into two or three meetings. This is completely normal. We want you to be comfortable with Christ Covenant. And we want to know that we've pastored you well into church membership. After you have completed the following questions, an elder will get in touch with you to schedule the interview.
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