Here is a list of links to articles that you may find helpful in learning about our church-- who we are, what we believe, and what our vision for Culpeper is.  Although it is not required that you read these articles to become a member of Christ Covenant, they may help answer your questions or raise new questions that we could help you answer during the membership interview.  Additionally, you can click here to access the questions you will be asked for before being baptized and/or received as a member, as well as a copy of the membership process.  Enjoy!

The Centrality of the Gospel by Tim Keller

The End of the Struggle

Young, Restless, Reformed by Collin Hansen

It's All About God

The Doctrines of Grace by Charles Wingard

Presbyterian Family Map

Tell Visitors Why They Need a Church Family by Rick Warren

Manna and Money by Tim Keller