Below you will find a summary of the Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church Vision. It's a quick look at what we believe as well as how we plan to live it out. 


What are we doing?

Everything is about Jesus.

Why are we doing it?

We make disciples because we have found new identity in Jesus and want our lives to orbit around him. We have always had four central words that have stood as the core values of Christ Covenant- Christ, Worship, Community, and Mission. We believe they not only enable us to make everything about Jesus bit also to make disciple- making disciples. We get them from the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

When are we successful?

A healthy disciple of Jesus is going to display these characteristics, modeled by Jesus himself.

  1. A love for God

  2. A love for others

  3. A love for God’s Word

  4. A life on God’s mission

How are we doing it?

We believe God has called our congregation to do four things well and fruitfully.

  1. Preach the gospel

  2. Party with two groups of people (family and the familiar)

  3. Plant three things (missionaries, missional communities, and churches)

  4. Pray four things (for God’s kingdom to advance, for daily provision, that we would be forgiven forgivers, and against temptation)

What is next for us?

We believe the best thing we could focus on for the next 24 months would be our Sunday morning service. So for the next 2 years we want to give ourselves over to 3 simple habits.

  1. Introduce

  2. Invite

  3. Invest